The Naish Nalu

The Nalu series is extremely versatile.  While most riders enjoy riding a Nalu in the backwater and through the intracoastal, you can also enjoy small-medium sized surf with this paddle board which is exactly what we have here at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.


Description and Video of the Nalu 10'6.5
A one-board solution for riders wanting versatility, stability and wave riding qualities.

The 10’6.5″ features a new, wider Nalu outline, recessed deck and fuller rails for increased stability and wider range of use. The single-concave nose flows into a double-concave mid-section and V tail, making it adaptable to everything from flatwater cruising, to ankle slapper waves, to double overhead surf.

Ideal for riders up to 200 lbs (91 kg)

Description and Video of the Nalu 10'10
All-around, extra stable, do-anything design for touring, carrying gear, tandem paddling and small surf.

The 10’10” features a radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels the water from nose to tail. The multi-channel bottom combined with the low rocker makes it glide incredibly straight for a wide board of its length. The wide outline and slightly recessed deck in the standing area provide unmatched stability. The forward deck has eight insert holes for a bungee accessory to carry coolers and gear.

Ideal for riders up to 240 lbs (109 kg)

Description and Video of the Nalu 11'6
Full body longboard design with added stability for everything from entry level paddling, flatwater cruising, and fun surfing.

The 11’6″ is 5 1/2″ thick with full rounded rails and a timeless longboard rocker line. This design provides amazing stability for a phenomenally wide range of use. The 11’6″ performance characteristics makes it the perfect one-board choice for the whole family.

Ideal for riders up to 250 lb (114 kg)


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